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Operation Gatekeeper was a Clinton-era security operation on the United States - Mexico border near San Diego, CA. It was intented to focus Border Patrol personnel in places where illegal crossers could disappear quickly into neighborhoods, reasoning that authorities would have more time to catch people trekking through the desert ans that the difficulty of such crossings would be a deterrent.

The enforcement push, however, has channeled migrants to places such as Arizona, increasing the number of deaths in the region inhospitable mountain ranges, indian reservations, military proving grounds and cactus-filled wilderness.

According the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the goal of Gatekeeper was "to restore integrity and safety to the nation's busiest border".

The Secure Fence Act of 2006, allowed for over 700 miles (1100km) of double-reinforced fence to be built along the border with Mexico, across cities ans deserts alike, in the U.S. sates of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

This fence is 21 feet (6m) tall and 6 ft (2m) deep in the ground, cemented in a 3 ft (1m) wide trench with high density concrete.

Since 1994, when the United States began biffing up patrols along the 2000 mile border (3200km), an estimated 5600 migrants have died while attempting unauthorized border crossings.

A rate of one every 24 hours...

With these pictures I wanted to place the human being with its dignity and its hopes in front of a geographical/psychological limit.

The purpose was to figure out what means for these people to live their everyday's life with all kind of threats roaming around. (violence due to the drug issue, denouncements due to their immigrant status and especially death in the attempt to go to "the other side".). Therefore, the best way to see from their perspective was to share their lives, sometimes just for a couple of days, other times for a week...

Ongoing Project on the real estate crisis in Spain.
So far, all the photographs were taken in two outlying towns of Madrid, SeseƱa Nuevo and Valdeluz.